All about Framebuilding Part 8: Resources (with commentary)

All of the knowledge in this series of posts was either stumbled upon by iterating on existing processes, or by learning from the Paterek manual and online resources.  This is a list of my favorite resources, with commentary.


Framebuilders email list:!forum/framebuilders

This email list waxes and wanes in popularity, but it is searchable in google groups.  Searching the archives is incredibly useful to see framebuilding experts including big names sharing useful knowledge.  This is a great first stop for any process questions.


Velocipede Salon:

They have great ask-me-anything style threads with famous (for framebuilding) builders. They also have an index of useful tips and tricks. Highly recommended, not as easy to search as the framebuilders list.  Has more images than the text only framebuilders list.


Social Media:


Lots of builders document their work and workflow on instagram and post stuff on other social media.  I’ve gotten the most from watching instagram and keeping an eye on fixtures and setups.


Sheldon Brown

Sheldon Brown has the kind of bike component technical resources that aren’t really found anywhere else. Lots of good stuff. I learned to build wheels from his post about wheel building.


Peter Verdone

Peter Verdone has a lot of cool nitty gritty details about building bikes and being serious about mechanical engineering design.

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